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Economy CNC Corner Cleaner Introduced by Kombimatec

Kombimatec Machines, the Luton based uPVC window machinery manufacturer, has introduced a new CNC corner cleaner to the market capable of cleaning up-to 20 profiles including decorative shapes.

Designed and built to satisfy the greater need for fabricators to broaden their product offering without the tedious and time consuming problem of changing cutters and resetting corner cleaning machinery.

The similarity of the hot bread shop system of baking in house for the customers to smell the aroma but at the same time having much of what they sell delivered through the back door may no longer be an option for a number of window fabricators.

There is now a need to bring in-house many of the tasks that have hitherto been outsourced. Wider customer choice is essential and with the wide range of profiles being used by fabricators results in the need for greater flexibility in production.

Therefore many uPVC window fabricators will welcome the introduction of the new EV443 CNC corner cleaner. This machine will cope with at least 25 different profiles. As a result there will be no need to compromise and limit the choice of products you make. Bevelled system, sculptured system, Vertical Slider system or dual supplier systems can be accommodated without the need for cutter changing or costly tooling.

The new EV443 CNC Corner Cleaner utilises the latest technology of a 2 axis controlled saw blade programmed to manipulate around the outside corner of a welded joint to remove the sprue or flash developed during the welding process. This technology is usually found only on larger, more expensive cleaning machines.

Having the ability to program the path of the saw blade allows, unlike fixed cutter blocks, tweaking of the cleaning process for optimum results.

Full interpolation makes it possible to clean sculptured profiles and the saw blade is far less aggressive than a cutter block and this is reflected in the finish.

The Kombimatec EV443 CNC Cleaner doesn’t require expensive cutter blocks which lock you into a particular window system.

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