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Kombimatec Increases Exports of PVC Window Fabrication Machinery

Kombimatec Machines Ltd, formerly known as GTI Kombimatec, has increased its exports of uPVC Window Fabricating Machinery including their latest Welders and CNC Cleaners.

Recent currency movements may be a contributing factor but also the innovative design of the Kombimatec machines, particularly the new HDX Crucifix Welder and EV475 CNC Cleaner.

Both products together have the potential to radically improve the efficiency of window fabrication. Kombimatec overseas customers are benefiting from the recent weakening of the pound on the worlds currency market by making their machines even more attractive following conversion of the cost into the local currencies. UK customers will also find them better value for money when compared to imported machines.

Illustration shows: A container of Kombimatec Machines including the new HDX Cruciform Welder & EV475 CNC Cleaner, etc., being loaded in Luton destined for a new factory in Iceland.

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