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Kombimatec debuts new machinery at FIT Show!

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Significant Manufacturing Cost Reduction of Internally Glazed Windows

The all new Kombimatec HDX Cross Welder saves so much fabrication time and greatly improves the quality of window produced - it simply cannot be ignored. Especially as Kombimatec are offering just a few machines at the incredibly low introductory price of just

GBP() 14,500.00 +vat

Here are just some of the features and benefits:

►Faster crucifix fabrication times - as you are welding in one cycle
►No Vee Notch cutting - just cut four arrow heads
►No reverse butt welding - just cut four arrow heads!
►No insertion and withdrawal of reinforcement
►No joint mis-match at the centre of the cross
►Improved safety - as there is no need to remove the transom leg guard on the vee notch machine ever again!
►Less tolerances can build - therefore less mis-shaping of the window frame.
►Less operator fatigue - as operators no longer circle machines to produce a cross using the old method.
Reduced manufacturing costs results in higher profits HDX Cross Welder

Don't just take our word for it! -:

"We are already seeing an improvement in quality plus the time saved and low cost means a quick pay back"
Mr. T.W.Richardson, MD at TWR Windows, Sunderland.

 "Terrific value for money - saves us loads of time."
Mr. Kevin Atkinson, Manager at Apex Windows, Luton

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