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G180220 Electronic Positioning Length Stop and Bead Measuring System with RF Data TransferG180220 Measuring Length Stop
for Aluminium and Vinyl/PVC Profiles 


User friendly icon menu.

Receives and stores sizes in real time by RF radio frequency.

Editing of size list received by radio frequency.

Manual execution for ad hoc sizes.

Ability to input cutting list manually.

Automatic retraction of fence at end of each cut - to help operator to remove bead.

Visualisation of reference value of each bead.

Graphic visualisation of machine state:


Features and benefits:


· Radio transmission of sizes to the length stop - avoids risk of cable connection or time transferring data chips.

· Able to store 100 sizes (if the calliper is not under radio control) - allowing one person to measure and a second person can operate the cutting station

· Able to store and use 99 different value of size correction - For bead at 90º `overlap

· Able to store and use 99 different alphanumeric reference - To recognise the kind of bead to be cut (colour or shape…)

· Able to set a proportional correction factor - This will increase or decrease the bead length in function of the taken size.

· Software able to manage three different extension bars (as supplied).

· Sleep function for a quick restart.

· Internal aerial.

· Ergonomic design mates it easy to use.


Measuring Calliper


Technical Data for Length STOP:                                    Technical Data for Calliper :


Movement : By stepper motor                                                Absolute measuring device

Power supply : 230V 50/60Hz                                               Power supply : 4 rechargeable batteries AAA

Display : LCD graphic                                                            Display : 2 lines LCD 16 characters

Min/Max size : 0/3,000mm                                                     Industrial Keyboard 6 buttons

Max stroke : 3,000mm

Weight : 70Kg

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