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Working Centres
Single Head Saws
Double Head Saws
Copy Routers
End Millers
Corner Crimpers
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Work Bench/Trolley
Aluminium Packages

Welcome to Kombimatec Aluminium Processing Machinery section.  For PVCu Processing Machinery click here. 

Products are separated into the following categories

Automatic Cutting and Machining Centres
AMC308 Electronic Machining Centre
AMC602 CNC Machining Centre
AMC702 CNC Machining Centre
AMC940 CNC Machining Centre
Single Head Mitre & Notching Saws
MGS460 Up-Stroking Mitre Saw
MGS500U Up-Stroking Mitre Saw
MGS500R Radial Mitre Saw
MGS530V Radial Mitre Saw with large capacity
NS450 Notching Saw for curtain walling
NS550 Notching Saw for curtain walling
AVN4 Vee Notch Saw
GLS190 Glazing Bead Saw
Copy Routers
CR7002 Single Head Copy Router
CR7823 Twin Head Door Router
CR7823C Twin Head Door Router
WSF445 Triple Water Slot Router
CRD1200M Copy Router With Triple Spindle Drill
CRD1200A Copy Router With Triple Spindle Drill
CR5650 Vent Router
CMC452 CNC Copy Router
MMC308 Manual Machining Centre
Double Head Mitre Saws
DGS400 Double Mitre Saw
DGS400E Electronic Double Mitre Saw
DGS450 Double Mitre Saw
DGS450E Electronic Double Mitre Saw
DGS530 Electronic Double Mitre Saw
DGS550 Electronic Double Mitre Saw
DGS560 Electronic Double Mitre Saw
DGS570 Electronic Compound Double Mitre Saw
Corner Crimpers
CC120 Corner Crimper
CC124 Corner Crimper

End Milling Machines
AFV360/10 Bench Mounted Variable Angle End Miller
AFV362 Manual Variable Angle End Miller
AFV367M Manual Variable Angle End Miller
AFV367A Automatic Variable Angle End Miller
AFV370 CNC Radius End Miller for Bow, Round and Arch Windows

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